Begins with a Single Step

So it’s been a while since the last post and a lot has happened. First of all, I graduated Uni! Sadly no graduation ceremony yet because of the COVID-19 pandemic but hopefully it will happen later this year. I’m very grateful for all the experiences my course at UWE gave me across all aspects of the sound industry, from Audio for Games, Post Production to Radio Drama just to name a few. Of course, there was also a great focus on music production which has reinforced my love of the field. Not only this but all my hard work paid off and I graduated with a First and won some awards too! Despite the pandemic, I still wouldn’t change a minute of my degree I’m certainly a better sound engineer because of it.

One aspect of sound that I want to return to when time/COVID allows later in the year is my dissertation. For this project, I studied analogue equalisers and actually designed and built my own. Sadly without any lab equipment or access to tools, I built it out of an old Doc Martens shoe box and powered it with 9v batteries. Amazing, and most importantly, it actually works! Hopefully later this year I’ll go back to Uni and actually finishing making the equaliser I had envisaged from the start.

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